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Three Simple Steps to Knowing the Will of God

I. The importance of knowing and obeying the will of God

A. Three aspects of the will of God

1. God's determined or directive will (active will) Daniel 4:35

2. God's permissive will (passive will)

a. God permitted Satan to produce evil in the world. Job 2:6, Mt. 13:36-42, Mt. 25:41

b. God permits man to choose evil. Deut. 30:17, 19a, Deut. 31: 20, 21b

c. However, God is not responsible for the evil in the world. James 1:13

3. God's desired will (a combination of the above) Deut. 30:16a, 19b, Mt. 23:37, II Peter 3:9

B. Why we need to know the desired will of God

1. Our moral behavior has consequences Deut 30:15-19

2. It is foolish to disregard His desired will Eph. 5:15-17