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Crossroads Community Church, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Palm Branches, Coats, ...and Faces

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Sermon preached by Dr. Elwyn Zimmerman

Palm Branches, Coats, ...and Faces

Mt. 21:1-8; Lk. 19:37-40

I. The Message

A. Not primarily an _expression of the lowliness or himility of Jesus (Mt. 21:5) (Greek word "praus" means "gentle, meek, or mild," not "humble, lowly, or despised."

B. Rather, the peaceful coming of the Messianic King.

1. In war, kings rode horses (I Kings 20:1, 20b; Rev. 6:2, 19:11)

2. In peace time, they rode donkeys [the Syrian ass] (I Kings 1:33)

3. Jesus' purpose was not the violent overthrow of Roman rule (Jn. 18:36)

4. As the peaceful Messiah, He came to bring peace (Lk. 2:14; Jn. 16:33; Col. 1:20-22; Rom. 5:1)

5. Properly understood, he did come as king

a. He accepted their acclaim as king (Lk. 19:38-40)

---Placement of the coats (Mt. 21:7-8) was a symbol of royalty (II Kings 9:13)

b. He had been proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom as a spiritual kingdom (Lk. 17:21; Jn. 3:3)

c. He taught that it was His kingdom as well as the Father's

II. The Response

A. Many responded as true disciples ("crowd of disciples" - Lk. 19:37)

B. Some were reluctant to participate ("most of the multitude'" - Mt. 21:8 NASB)

C. Some, being curious but uncommitted, simply responded to the magnetism of the mob. (Jn 12:17-19)

---Compare the mob's response the following Friday (Mk. 15:11)

D. Some who misunderstand His message and mission follow Him hoping to get some worldly benefit. (Eg., Judas - Jn. 12:4-6)

E. Some had already committed themselves to oppose Him. (Lk. 19:39; Jn. 12:9-10)

Copyright 2004 Elwyn Zimmerman