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Crossroads Community Church, Waukesha, Wisconsin

The Continuing Ministry of the Christ

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Preached by Dr. Elwyn Zimmerman

The Continuing Ministry of the Christ
Scripture Text: Mt. 28:19-20a
I.  The Great Commission: A mandate to make disciples (Mt. 28:19-20a)
A. "Going" (taking the initiative)
B. "Make disciples of all peoples"
1. The nature of "discipling"
2. The priority of making disciples
C. "Baptizing them"
D. "Teaching them to observe [His commandments]"
II. The Great Commission as a continuation of the ministry of Jesus
A. He came into the world to seek out and save sinners. (Lk. 19:5, 9-10; Jn. 17:18; Jn. 20:21)
B. He made disciples (i.e., he discipled people). (Mk. 1:14-20; Jn. 8:12)
C. He baptized those who became disciples. (Jn. 4:1-2)
D. He taught His disciples. (Mt. 11:1; Jn. 14:25-26)
III. The Great Commission exemplified by Paul
A. He went out as a missionary. (Acts 13:1-4)
B. He evangelized and discipled people. (Acts 14:21a)
C. He baptized those who believed. (Acts 16:14b-15a)
D. He instructed and encouraged the disciples. (Acts 14:21b-22; Rom. 12:6-11; Eph. 4:11-13)

Copyright, 2004 Dr. Elwyn Zimmerman