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Crossroads Community Church, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Jesus Trial Before Pilate

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Outline of sermon preached by Elwyn Zimmerman

The Judgment of the Christ:
Jesus Trial Before Pilate

Lk. 23:1-7, 12-16; Mt. 27:15-2

In the course of Jesus' trial before Governor Pilate, Pilate asks the crowd, "What shall I do then with Jesus...?" His attempts to evade responsibility proved to be ineffective. Ultimately, he himself had to make the decision. His was the opportunity and the responsibility to choose righteousness over self-interest ---to side with Jesus rather than the crowd.

I. Moments of opportunity for Pilate

A. After the initial charges were made (Jn. 18:29:31; Mt. 23:1-2)
B. After the interrogation of Jesus inside the palace (Jn. 18:33-38 cf. Lk. 23:3-4)
C. When his wife urged him not to condemn Jesus (Mt. 27:19)
D. After the second interrogation of Jesus inside the palace (Jn. 19:7-16)

II. Pilate's attempts to evade responsibility
A. The attempt to refuse jurisdiction (Jn. 18:31)
B. The attempt to dismiss the charges (Lk. 23:4)
C. The attempt to have Jesus chosen as the Passover prisoner to be released (Mt. 27:15-18)
D. The attempt to pacify the crowd by flogging Jesus (Lk. 23:13-16)
E. By symbolically washing his hands of the matter (Mt. 27:24 )

Copyright 2004 by Dr. Elwyn Zimmerman