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Crossroads Community Church, Waukesha, Wisconsin

The Last Miracle of Jesus

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Sermon preached by Dr. Elwyn Zimmerman

The Last Miracle of Jesus

(Luke 22: 35-53)


I.  Jesus' rejection of Peter's act of violence

            (Lk. 22:35-53; Mt. 26:52-54)


II. Faulty applications of this narrative


            A. This is not an example for governments to follow. (cf. Rom. 13:2-4)


                        1. It does not prohibit just wars.


                        2. It does not prohibit governmental use of violence to punish citizens.


            B. It is not a prohibition of all self-defense.


                        1. Paul's use of legal self-defense (Acts 22-26)


                        2. Jesus rebuke of Peter (v. 51) is


                                    a. Not a categorical rejection of violence (Lk. 22:36)


                                    b. Rather, based on Jesus' submission to the Father (Mt. 26:52-53; Jn. 18:11)


                                    c. And the imprudence of violence in self-defense (Mt. 26:52)


III.Legitimate applications


            A. We should renounce a spirit of revenge.

                        Mt. 5:38-39, 41

                        Lk. 9:52-55

                        Rom. 12:17, 19


            B. We should forgive our enemies.

                        Mk. 11:25

                        Lk. 23:34


            C. We should love our enemies and do good to them

                        Mt. 5:44

                        Lk. 6:27


copyright 2004 by Dr. Elwyn Zimmerman