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Crossroads Community Church, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Dare to be a Daniel

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Preached by Elwyn Zimmerman

Dare to Be a Daniel

Daniel 1

Dare to be a Daniel, dare to stand alone;

Dare to have a purpose true, dare to make it known


I.  Daniel, the man


    A. Gifted by God

         1. With natural abilities (physical and mental)

              (vv. 4a, 20)


         2. With supernatural power (v. 17)


    B. Circumscribed by hardship

1.      Taken captive to a foreign land (vv. 1-3,6)


         2. Forced to accept a new identity and a new                                                                                                      culture (vv 4b-5)


II.  Daniel, a man of purpose


    A. Daniel’s resolve to live a Godly life (v. 8)

         1. Avoiding vices that defile the body and mind

             (vv. 8-14; cf. 1 Cor. 3-16-17, 6:19-20)


         2. Remaining true to God, despite the                                                       pressures and temptations (v.8; Daniel 6:5-10, 13)    


    B. The rewards of Godly living

         1. Physical health (vv. 15-16)


         2. Mental health (mental acuity and emotional                                      balance (vv. 18-20)


         3. Respect and influence in society (vv. 19-21;                                        Daniel 6:1-4)


III. Daniel, a man willing to stand alone

    (v. 8; Daniel 6:5-7, 10-11)


Copyright 2004 Dr. Elwyn Zimmerman